Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Whatever, I Don't Care

Can you tell I'm feeling pretty ambivalent right now? Ha. Anyway, I threw this one together in the forty-five minutes I had between eating dinner and going to pick up a friend to see a movie tonight - not my best, but I figured having a little sketch to ring in the new year wouldn't be such a bad idea! Generally speaking, I hate NYE as the idea of it is always so grand and sparkly and wonderful, but usually what happens is that no one really wants to commit to any concrete plans because they're all waiting to be invited to The NYE Celebration That Will End All NYE Celebrations (I don't think it even exists), so everyone ends up making really mediocre plans at the extreme last minute. Like, I'm talking, you get in your car and you start driving but you have no idea where you're even going yet and everyone in the car is arguing over the destination-type last minute. And then you find yourself stuck on the Skyway at 11:59 PM and everything sucks. Anygoo.

In all honesty, this last year was pretty awful - a big struggle in almost every way imaginable for me - encompassing quite a few existential crises, so I'm very glad 2012 is over. At the same time, I know whatever issues I am currently grappling with aren't going to go poof into oblivion the moment the clock strikes twelve, which is why I guess I'm growing more and more jaded about celebrating the new year as time goes on. But, hey, just means I'll actually have to work harder!

Anyway, happy new year, if you're into that sort of thing!

Edit: Wow, this is getting some mad love on tumblr. 10,500+ notes!? Insane! Thanks, guys!

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