Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project Port Dalhousie

Recently, my city approved a project called "Port Place" which is set to start development soon in the historic waterfront area known as Port Dalhousie. Port Place is a 17 story condominium, theatre, and a boutique hotel, which (I believe) will also feature a small shopping mall. Sounds great if you're a tourist or someone who happens to be loaded with the $400,000 - $3,000,000 the condos are set to sell for. If you're an average citizen of the city like me, however, you'd probably be lamenting the loss of a charming, nostalgic little area where you spent your summers growing up - hanging out on the beach with your friends, riding the carousel, taking strolls on the pier, traipsing the old candy store, having picnics and watching fireworks in the park, etc. The city plans on demolishing a large chunk of Port Dalhousie to make room for Port Place, which won't just ruin the historical aspects and allure of the suburb while running many of the businesses out, but will also cause the loss of it's friendly, local sense of place in exchange for massive amounts of tourist dollars. It's always ALWAYS about the money, in the end.

Anygoo, I've come to terms with the decision, and have decided to make the best of it by turning it into a little art/illustration project. I will be drawing historic Port Dalhousie building by building, to remember it as it was. I may not finish the project by the time demolishment has started and finished, but I've taken photos to work from so it won't be a problem.

The first: Murphy's seafood restaurant and inn, situated right on the corner of the block set to be demolished. I only ever ate there once as it was always out of my price range, but it was delicious.