Friday, August 15, 2008

First Snow

I know it's still summer and I probably shouldn't be getting ahead of myself, but there's already a chill to the air, colder nights are starting to creep in, and those puffy, omnious fall clouds are beginning to fill up the sky. Fall is my favourite season (trips to the pumpkin farm, jumping in leaves, backyard bonfires, colourful scenery, hikes, dressing cozy!), but I dread winter - except for those first few snows. You know, before everything turns to brown mush.

Anygoo, this is a handmade collage with the colour applied using PhotoPaint.

1 comment:

ArtSparker said...

This is very nice, it's like salad fingers before whatever it is that made him into salad fingers...When he was still a happy green guy.